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Lock Stock & Barrel, Rixos JBR, Dubai Marina

New Year’s Eve at Lock, Stock & Barrel JBR

End 2023 on a wild note at Lock, Stock & Barrel JBR!!

Get ready for an epic send off, filled with live music, crazy antics, and non-stop WILDNESS.

Lock, Stock & Barrel JBR is preparing for one last bang with free-flowing bevs, bites & wild times from 9pm – 1am. 

But that’s not all! Brace yourself for the unexpected as when the clocks strikes midnight we unleash CHAOS!

Indulge in unlimited food and beverages as part of this incredible offer. Prices start from AED 350 or get in with all the action with our main area seats for AED 550! If your quick, grab one of our early release package rates, for an epic time!

Lock Stock & Barrel New Year’s Eve is all about the incredible live music and the sheer craziness. It’s the only way to start 2024! (with a heavy hangover)

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