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It all started staggering along a beach in Egypt.


According to Freek, I agreed to back his dream of a building a beach bar after a few too many. Now, I’ve got no recollection of whether that actually happened or not, but he still held me to our agreement the next day. Turns out it was probably the only decent drunken decision I’ve ever made! 


I’m Paul – CEO and Co-Founder of Solutions Group. Two decades ago, on the shores of Egypt, Freek & I started that vision. We wanted to create epic moments for people in Papa’s, our first little beach bar. Before we knew it, we’d built 19 venues across Hurghada, only then for the Arab Spring to come along and we lost it all. 


Picking up our families and leaving Egypt 2012, we thought everything was over. Arriving in Dubai, we were soon to learn it was just the beginning. Amidst the glitz and glam of clubs and flashy restaurants, we noticed a gap. People wanted to have the time of their lives any time, any day of the week. 


We set out to build a dream and here we all are still going strong, 

creating the moments people live for.